A missing 14-year-old boy, who has autism, has been found safe after he got lost in the woods for several hours Tuesday night.

RCMP Cpl. Greg Church said officers in Musquodoboit Harbour were called about a missing teen from the Upper Lakevillle area at around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers went to the area and met with the father of the missing boy.

"The dad had said [the boy] had gone off into the woods just prior to him calling police and he was unable to locate him or summon him by yelling for him," said Church.

Police and the father searched for the boy for about 30 minutes.

"Because it was extremely dark and the bush was extremely thick, the RCMP and the dad came back out and called search and rescue and police dog services to attend the scene to assist," said Church.

While waiting for search and rescue crews to arrive, the father and police continued to search the woods in the dark.

"At approximately 2:15 this morning, the dad and the RCMP located the boy. He was located approximately 30 minutes into the woods on a path familiar to the family. They heard the boy crying out to his family, which led them to the location where he was at," he said.

Church say the teen was "in excellent condition."

"He had a few scrapes on his knees and some mosquito bites but he was brought back home again," said Church.