Proposed changes to electoral boundaries could affect four minority ridings in Nova Scotia, says opposition members of a legislative committee. (CBC)

A legislative committee has recommended changes to how electoral boundaries are set in Nova Scotia, but opposition members say the changes will end protection for minority ridings.

The all-party committee is split on the recommendations.

The NDP members want all ridings to have roughly the same number of voters, with a variation of no more than 25 per cent.

"Every constituency should be roughly equal in terms of the number of votes they have and that's one of those fundamental principles of democracy," said Leonard Preyra, Halifax-Citadel MLA.

But, opposition members of the committee said the new rules could mean three predominately Acadian ridings and the Preston riding, which is predominately African Nova Scotian, could lose their special minority status.

"the voting power of the linguistic minority or of the African Nova Scotia community has pretty much been watered down," said Richmond MLA, Michel Sampson.

The committee report sets the terms of reference which will guide the Provincial Boundaries Commission.

The commission is expected to report to the legislature in the fall.