A single father of three children, two of whom have cystic fibrosis and Type 1 diabetes, will be able to give his kids the Christmas he wants them to have, despite his contract job ending two days ago thanks to a successful GoFundMe campaign.

"I just want to say thank you so much to everybody that's contributed," said John Nowe, his voice choking with emotion. "It's really nice to know there are people out there with a generous heart."

Nowe lives in Milton, N.S., and since the closure of the Bowater Mersey paper mill near Liverpool in 2012, he hasn't been able to secure steady work.

His most recent job was a nine-month contract position with Nova Scotia Power, but it didn't have benefits. That position ended Thursday.

He says he doesn't have medical insurance and requires insulin for his own Type 1 diabetes.

"I'm pretty much broke as it is because I live paycheque to paycheque," said Nowe.

His son Jared is 18 and his daughters are 13 (Olivia) and 15 (Lauren). Nowe has been a single father for 10 years.

"They're just great kids. I just wanted to be able to give them a Christmas, which I wouldn't have been able to do without the help I've received so far," he said.

'I have no place else to turn'

By late Saturday morning, the campaign had raised $1,515, more than the goal of $1,200.

Nowe says it's tough being a single dad, noting he has to miss time from work to get his children to their medical appointments.

"Employers don't really like that. It's just part of being a single parent," he said.

Nowe got the idea for the campaign from an aunt. While he feels people look down on others who ask for help, he felt he had no other choice.

"I have no place else to turn," he said.

Word of the campaign has spread. Nowe says that a stranger dropped by his home on Saturday afternoon to drop off a 35-pound turkey.

"I actually hugged them," he said.