A military board of inquiry will investigate a crash involving the navy's largest ship at a dry dock in Halifax, CBC News has learned.

HMCS Preserver, a supply ship, rammed into a tied-up floating dock in Halifax harbour on Nov. 4. The ship had come into the harbour after training exercises and was turning around when the collision occurred.

No one was hurt. But the ship's bow area and the dock at the Halifax Shipyard were both damaged.

The navy has refused to comment on the extent of the damage to the supply ship, which underwent a $44-million refit before the incident.

Preserver has not left its berth in the navy dockyard since.

A board of inquiry is a rare event. It's convened for the most serious incidents, such as when a soldier or sailor is injured or killed.

The last inquiry looked at the fatal fire aboard the submarine HMCS Chicoutimi in 2004.

Sources told CBC News that the Preserver inquiry will be held in Halifax and will be closed to the public and media.