Several roads on the South Shore are closed to school buses because of weight restrictions.

The South Shore Regional School Board is pulling its buses off several roads in the district because mild temperatures and rain have made them impassable.

Trish Smith, a spokeswoman for the school board, said there are weight restrictions on the roads that officials have to consider.

"We have a number of roads that are what we call back roads. They're dirt or gravel," she said.

"They're so soft right now because of the mild temperatures and the rain and the frost coming out of the ground that our buses are too heavy for them and can cause ruts."

Smith said students who would normally catch their buses on these roads must travel to alternate bus stops:

Chester Area

  • Armstrong Road
  • Chester Grant Road
  • Grant Lake Road
  • Mill Lake Road
  • North Middle River Road

New Germany Area

  • Charles Hill Road
  • Conrad Road
  • Elemwood Road
  • Haines Road
  • Murray Veinot Road
  • Old Barss Corner Road
  • Sarty Road
  • Smith Road
  • Stanburne Road
  • Veinot Road
  • Zinck Road

Hebbville Area

  • China Lake Road
  • Homestead Estates Drive
  • John Stewart Road
  • Laconia Road
  • Sommerset Road

Queens County 

  • County Line Station Road
  • Whiteburne Road

"It's unusual for us to have to enact our back road closure plan because of soft roads in the middle of January," said Smith.

"This will probably come as a surprise to some people because they aren't expecting us to have to close the back roads right now."

Smith said the list of roads that are closed to buses can change frequently. She is advising parents and guardians to check the South Shore Regional School Board website or call the bus garage at 902-541-8252 to check the back road closure plan.