Metro Transit has created two new bus routes to take people from Cole Harbour and Dartmouth directly to the Woodside ferry terminal, a move they hope will get more commuters using the ferry service.

The new express routes — the 78 and 79 — will run on the half hour during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

"If we can make that a smoother, more reliable ride then I feel that folks will start to use it more often," said Jennifer Stairs, a spokeswoman for the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Elmer Cain, a bus driver, said as with all new bus routes, it may take a while for people to discover the service but once they do he expects it will be a busy route.

"It's a service that everybody requires to get to the other ferry and want to get there quick," he said.

Stairs said the way the routes are linked up, passengers can theoretically step off a bus and walk right on to the ferry and head over to Halifax and vice versa.

The new ferry — named the Christopher Stannix after a Dartmouth soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2007 — sailed for the first time on Monday. During peak hours in the morning and afternoon, it's set to cross the Halifax Harbour every 15 minutes.