Grade 6 students at Membertou School in were part in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first official meeting Wednesday.

Trudeau used Google Hangouts to host a virtual meeting with five schools across Canada.

Each school asked Trudeau one question. 

Alexis Christmas, 11, asked the Prime Minister how he will apply his teaching background to his new position.

"My question is what did you enjoy most about teaching and how can you use these skills as a prime minister?" Christmas asked.

Watch Alexis Christmas ask her question at the 9:12 mark

Trudeau thanked Christmas for her question and said the thing he loved most about teaching was spending every day with great kids who always had tough questions for him.

"A good teacher is someone who knows the challenges that their students are facing and helps them solve those challenges and get the answers," said Trudeau.

"I think that's what a good politician does as well. It's not just about having answers. It's about making sure that we're giving the tools to citizens to be able to create answers and to succeed."

​Schools in Ontario, Nunavut, Quebec, and Manitoba were also involved in the Google Hangout video chat.