The royal baby isn't the only little one attracting attention this summer.

At the Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford, N.S. people are lining up to see this year's new baby animals.

There are more than 70 species at the zoo and hundreds of babies and the newest addition is a baby monkey that was born on Friday. A visiting family saw it all happen.

"She had the baby right in front of them and did the delivery, far more capable than we are. She cleaned the baby off and was instantly a good mom," said zoo owner Gail Rogerson.

Oaklawn has the largest display of big cats in Eastern Canada and their 11-month-old lion cub is the newest member of the pride.


A zonkey. Half zebra, half donkey. (CBC)

The zoo also houses a rare zonkey. Eighteen-year-old Zena is half zebra, half donkey.

Click on the video to watch some of Oaklawn's newest bundles of fur.