A mechanic in North Sydney claims he was mistreated by his former employer, Canadian Tire.

Glenn Apesteguy worked at Canadian Tire in North Sydney for more than 25 years. In the summer of 2013, the 50-year-old was injured on the job.

Apesteguy was on workers’ compensation for seven months and then returned to another position with the company, but found he couldn’t do the customer service job either. That’s when he says he was laid off and had his medical plan cancelled.

"Once you can't make them money and you're injured and you're wore out, your bones are wore out, then you're thrown aside," said Apesteguy.

Canadian Tire says it cannot comment on a personnel issue.

"All of Canadian Tire’s 490 stores, including the one in North Sydney, are operated by local, passionate entrepreneurs who follow national brand standards with local flexibility in order to do what's right for employees and customers. I cannot, however, comment on a specific personnel issue," said John Cryan, the dealer at the North Sydney Canadian Tire.

Apesteguy says the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia is helping him find other employment.