Beef farmers in the Maritimes are starting to feel the effects of the national meat recall. (CBC)

A nation wide recall of certain beef products continues to grow.

The recall may have started in a beef processing plant in Alberta, but the effects are being felt by farmers across the Maritimes.

On Thanksgiving weekend, when turkey is on many people's minds and plates, beef continues to dominate the headlines.

The recall has added more stores and cuts of meat. The food is under a recall order because of concerns about E. coli.

Maritime farmers say they're now beginning to feel the effects of the recall.

"My prices will go down," Grant McCaffery, a farmer from Hunter River, P.E.I., said Saturday about the animals he sells.

Other farmers say consumers shouldn't be worried and say they should buy locally raised beef that is packaged in Atlantic Canada.

"Maritime beef. You can take all the confidence in the world [in that product]," said Brendon Crane, another P.E.I. farmer from Cardigan. "Maritime beef is second to none."