Unopened cans of sardines, an industrial-sized vacuum cleaner and a Porta Potty were among the items found during an annual cleanup of McNabs Island over the weekend.

Cathy McCarthy, president of the Friends of McNabs Island Society, said about 450 bags of garbage were collected on Sunday.

"There were some cans of sardines that had never been opened so we don't know if they came off a ship or where they came from. There was a television and a remote that was found also. There was a sign from the Cunard Centre," she told CBC News.

"There was the usual assortment of plastic toys and hard hats and steel ropes and propane tanks, lawn chairs, all kinds of plastic junk."

McCarthy said about 200 volunteers spent the day on McNabs Island with members of the Friends of McNabs Island Society, which organizes the annual event.

Since the event began in 1991, McCarthy said she's seen no decline in the amount of trash that piles up on the island each year.

"We thought we were going to see fewer of those plastic tampon applicators that are flushed down the toilet but we still find them on McNabs Island," she said.

Fishing boats were hired to take the garbage to Eastern Passage for disposal.

McCarthy said the cost of the annual cleanup has increased over the years.

"This cleanup today cost us over $2,000 to hire the boats to take the volunteers over as well as the fishing boats to take the garbage back," she said.

"We didn't have to pay for hauling the garbage from Eastern Passage where the boats arrived back into shore, HRM garbage trucks were there to pick it up and then take it off to Otter Lake."

McCarthy estimates approximately 10,500 bags of garbage have been collected since the cleanup began more than two decades ago.