The Maritime Reptile Zoo in Burnside is closing due to financial woes, according to a post on the group's Facebook page.

"This winter has been overbearingly harsh on local businesses and, like many others, has left us unable to recover," reads the post.

The zoo says its animals are alive and heading to other facilities in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

In its post, the Maritime Reptile Zoo tried to quash a rumour that the Nova Scotia government shut them down and seized its animals.

"That is absolutely not the case. The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, the SPCA, and all other government agencies have been extremely supportive of the zoo and its programs right from day one and continue to show their support in assisting us during this difficult transition. Another part of the rumour is that you can visit the zoo and go home with a free animals, and again that is absolutely false."

The organization says it will continue to offer in-home birthday parties and school presentation.