Marine Atlantic says it may bring back a booking service for commercial passengers after a previous attempt a few years ago failed miserably.

But the head of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association is pleading with the company not to mess with the way things are now — a “load and go” service.

“The service is better,” said Jean Marc Picard. “Most of the delays today are due to weather and mechanical, so even if you have a reservation system, you still have some delays, right?”

Picard said the reservation system used in 2010 was poorly executed and ended up costing truckers and the corporation a lot of money.

In the last three years, Marine Atlantic has added two ferries to its fleet, allowing for extra capacity.

Darrell Mercer, a spokesperson for Marine Atlantic, said that’s prompted calls from big retailers in Newfoundland and Labrador for more certainty about when goods will be delivered.

“We have agreed to have consultations with the commercial sector and the retail sector to determine whether or not we can make some improvements to the old system or whether we introduce a new hybrid system or whether or not we stay status quo,” he said.

Mercer said if they do bring in a new system, it will take months to implement in order to avoid the chaos of the last one.