Nova Scotia's only Mandarin-language newspaper has changed its circulation strategy, helping advertisers reach the province’s growing Chinese population.

Ken Chen, a real estate sale associate, said in 2006 he had zero Chinese clients.

Now 50 per cent of his clients are new Canadians from China.

“I think [the] Chinese market is growing very fast right now,” he said.

Part of Chen's strategy to reach potential clients is advertising in the Dakai Magazine, now inserted in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

“This is a very important tool to connect with [the] Chinese community,” he said.

The bilingual magazine launched in March. Monday’s edition was the first time Dakai was distributed with the province’s largest newspaper.

“We connect businesses with businesses and connect customers as well,” said Meng Zhao, the magazine's publisher.

It’s a relationship she hopes will grow.

“I wouldn’t say we are making money. We are breaking even.”

There are over 8,000 Mandarin-speaking people in Nova Scotia.