Christopher Whittle said he regretted the way he handled the situation. (CBC)

A 39-year-old Halifax man has pleaded guilty to three charges in connection with a strange incident at the Halifax Shopping Centre in September.

Police said a man sprayed a 14-year-old girl with pepper-spray.

In an interview with CBC News at the time, Christopher Whittle admitted he was the man behind the assault. He said the girl had harassed his partner – a mall employee – by taunting him with homophobic slurs for weeks. On the day of the attack, he said he got the pepper spray from his car and followed the girl to the parking lot.

Whittle said in the interview he thought the girl was a woman, and he was shocked when he learned her age.

The girl's father said she was devastated by his allegations.

In a brief court appearance Thursday, Whittle entered a guilty plea to three charges. He'll be sentenced in February.