Man upset with Canada Post's safe drop policy

A Nova Scotia man is taking issue with Canada Post's safe drop policy after his delivered parcel went missing and his house was broken into.

Dartmouth man says package was stolen from property

To add insult to missing mail, Daved Leslie's home was broken into on the same weekend. (CBC)

A Nova Scotia man is fuming about Canada Post's safe drop policy after his delivered parcel went missing and his house was broken into.

David Leslie has lived in Dartmouth for more than 30 years.

He still enjoys daily mail delivery to his door; usually it ends up right in the mailbox.

In August, while he was away from home for the weekend, Canada Post dropped over a parcel next to the chimney.

"I had a parcel delivered by Canada Post to my house and apparently it was what they call safe dropped. It was left somewhere on my property and I didn't receive it," Leslie told CBC News.

Canada Post said its safe drop policy allows a carrier to find a spot to hide packages that won't fit in the traditional household mailbox — as long as they are out of sight from prying eyes.

The carrier then leaves a note in the regular mailbox to let recipients know.

They said they won't do it with registered or insured packages.

In Leslie's case, beside the chimney is out of sight and met the policy.

However, the package was swiped and his home was broken into while he was away.

He said there were newspapers in the driveway, but a package outside could have been the clincher for the thieves.

"I think their policy is definitely flawed. And they don't tell you when you go to mail a parcel that they are going to safe drop it. They just take your money, say they are going to deliver a parcel, and  then they don't do it. So I think their policy is flawed and people in Canada need to know that's what Canada post is doing," he said.

"I mean you can't just leave parcels, mail, on somebody's step and call it safe. If there was a place to hide it, maybe."

Canada Post said the lesson here is to notify the post office when you are away so they will stop delivery.

There's a charge for that service.

Until his next delivery, Leslie said he's installing an alarm system.