Police in Nova Scotia say a man who barricaded himself in his home in the community of Glenholme on Sunday was found dead.

Police say they received a call Sunday morning that a man was threatening to harm himself.

They say when officers tried to speak to the man, who was in a home on Highway 2, he barricaded himself inside and threatened to harm himself or police.

Police say in the afternoon they entered the home and found the man's body.

They say it's believed he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Several nearby homes in Colchester County were evacuated as a precaution and traffic on the highway was rerouted.

No SIRT investigation

Ron MacDonald, director of the Serious Incident Response Team, looked into the incident. SIRT investigates serious incidents involving police in Nova Scotia.

"There was no actual interaction between the RCMP and the individual. No communication or no other dealings," he said.

"I've determined it doesn’t meet our mandate, which includes anything that may have arisen from the actions of the police."

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