RCMP officers will be in the hallways at Barrington Municipal High School on Tuesday after a 44-year-old man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly making threats against the school and its students.

The man threatened to blow up the school and told people about his intentions to bring explosives into the school on Saturday, said Sgt. M.J. DeLuco with the Barrington District RCMP.

Those people then contacted police, who arrested the man later on Saturday.

"We were in the school today with school staff and had a search around the school to see if there was anything unusual and there was not," DeLuco told CBC News on Monday.

"We just want to be at the school tomorrow — the police — just to reassure parents and teachers and the students that all is well in their school that it's a safe place to be and we just want them to have that confidence."

The 44-year-old man is facing charges of uttering threats. He's due to appear in Yarmouth provincial court on Tuesday.

"This is a school where kids should expect to be safe, as should their parents and the community at large expect kids to be safe in their school environment," said DeLuco.

"We took it seriously. We're confident - very confident - that there's no risk to the students whatsoever."