Michael Kevin Stanhope leaves court Aug. 28 (CBC)

A 66-year-old Bayside man facing charges of sexual assault and making and distributing child pornography is being released from jail on strict conditions and a steep, $25,000, cash bail.

Michael Kevin Stanhope appeared in court Tuesday.

Crown Prosecutor Catherine Cogswell said the conditions of his bail are some of the strictest she's ever seen someone released on.

"$25,000 is an extraordinary amount of cash for someone to put down. But the crown is of the position that these are very serious allegations — child pornography and sexual assault on a child — and my primary concern was with respect to protection of the public," Cogswell told CBC News, "And I felt that $25,000 cash bail would be enough to bind him up in the community."

He is now under house arrest at his home in Bayside. Under his conditions he must not have contact with children and he is not allowed to have internet access.

"He's also not allowed to... have any cameras, any cellphones, anything that is capable of videotaping or depicting any kind of image at all," Cogswell said. 

Stanhope was arrested without incident at his home on Fader Drive in Bayside last week after police searched his home and his business, Hairdressers Market, on Hollis Street in downtown Halifax.

For now, there is only one victim — a 17-year old girl.

Cogswell said police are still reviewing the material they seized from Stanhope's home and business and she said attention surrounding the trial may bring more people forward.

Stanhope is due back in court Oct. 4.