Man accused of thefts will face community in court

The man accused of breaking into several homes in Boutilier's Point will have the community watching him in court.

Boutilier's Point residents want alleged thief to see them in court

A group of citizens in Boultilier's Point, N.S. is taking a serious stand against crime in their community.

They intend on getting up close and personal with the justice system and they want the man accused of harming their community to know all about it.

Boutilier's Point is one of those picture perfect places, perched on the ocean with tidy homes nestled in the woods where it is very quiet and peaceful.

Now you can add recently terrorized.

Several dozen homes in the area have been broken into. A forced entry not just through a locked door but a forced invasion of the entire community's sense of security.

"He has surrounded you basically, he has been pretty active," said Vern Sklafsky.

Sklafsky and his neighbors have had enough with the local man who has been charged with six break ins. He will make a court appearance next week and he is going to have some hometown company in court.

"It's a show of force in the Canada way," said Sklafsky. "We will bring our frowns and let him know we don't want him doing this any more."

Sklafsky isn't making the stand alone. He's hoping dozens of victims and their friends will join him in court to make a point.

"I think he should be afraid of us, instead of us afraid of him," said Sklafsky.

Dennis Pearson had his truck stolen. He will attend court not as a vigilante, but as a concerned citizen.

"It's in the hands of the justice system," said Pearson. "This community is awake and paying attention."

Whether the man on trial is guilty or innocent hasn't been decided yet but for the people of Boutilier's Point, they just want to have their day in court, just like the man accused of the crimes.