Ann Marie Kiley

Ann Marie Kiley, 76, works out at a fitness class Thursday without a mailbox in sight. (CBC)

Older people at a fitness class in Sydney, N.S., are panning the notion put forward by Canada Post's chief executive that eliminating home delivery gives seniors more chances to exercise.

Nope, these seniors say they don't need to walk to a community mailbox to stay in shape.

CEO Deepak Chopra made the comments Wednesday to a parliamentary committee questioning him on changes the Crown corporation is making to urban mail delivery.

And he’s sure raised eyebrows.

Colleen Snow, 82, is a fitness instructor. Fit or not, she said seniors with walkers and wheelchairs will struggle without mail delivery to the door.

"I think it's ridiculous. I don't think he knows what he's talking about," she said.

People in the senior fitness class on Thursday say Canada Post’s decision is a bad one. They feel the corporation is trying to save money on the backs of seniors.

"I feel it's kind of ridiculous," said Ann Marie Kiley, 76. "I get lots of exercise without going out for mail. I shovel snow, I walk, I go to exercise class, I line dance.

"So I get plenty of exercise without depending on going to the mailbox."