Mahone Bay cell tower could be 'fourth steeple' on waterfront

The picturesque waterfront of Mahone Bay could soon look a lot different with one new addition — a 60 metre cell tower from Bell Mobility.

Bell Mobility says it needs to replace the current tower, potentially disrupting the view

Mahone Bay's churches are a celebrated sight in Nova Scotia. (CBC)

The picturesque waterfront of Mahone Bay, N.S., could soon look a lot different with the addition of a 60-metre cell tower from Bell Mobility.

“The comments we're hearing is the town of Mahone Bay will now have a fourth steeple,” said Barry Dupuis, a resident of Mahone Bay.

Mayor Joe Feeney said he too has concerns about the new tower prospect. (CBC)

As they stand, the three churches that dot Mahone Bay’s waterfront create one of the most iconic views in Nova Scotia and are a major tourist draw.

But Bell Mobility says it needs to replace an existing tower on Zwicker Lane in Mahone Bay with a significant upgrade. 

The new tower will need lights at night.

“You'll see this big cluster of multicoloured lights out behind. They'll be very disruptive of the view of the churches,” said Jerry Trites, chair of the Three Churches Foundation.

Mayor Joe Feeney said they want to ensure that their citizens and businesses have the very best communications they can get, but he has concerns about the tower. 

“With a tower that's another 120 feet taller, it's going to be pretty much in your face. That concerns me,” said Feeney.

Possible solutions    

A decision was supposed to be made last week, but was postponed by a community outcry.

Other service providers have towers on the other side of the highway, which is where some want Bell Mobility to go.

Dupuis said one person has even offered their property as a potential site to save the waterfront.

“We're not saying they shouldn't build a tower,” said Trites. “We're just saying it's not a good spot for it and there are alternatives.”

Bell Mobility will attend a public meeting in the town where they hope to ease concerns but people in the community hope they can convince the company to move the tower.