Mahone Bay cell tower application withdrawn

The view of the iconic three churches in Mahone Bay appears to be safe for now after Bell Mobility withdraws application for 60 metre cell tower

Bell Mobility has withdrawn the application and goes back to drawing board

Mahone Bay's churches are a celebrated sight in Nova Scotia. (CBC)

The view of the iconic churches in Mahone Bay appears to be safe for now.

The three churches that dot Mahone Bay’s waterfront, create one of the most iconic views in Nova Scotia and are a major tourist draw.

Bell Mobility said it needed to replace an existing cell  tower on Zwicker Lane in Mahone Bay with a 60 metre cell tower, more than double the size of the existing tower. The tower would have been visible from the waterfront.

Locals heard the news Tuesday afternoon Bell Mobility has withdrawn the application and have gone back to the drawing board to explore other possible options.

Mary and Barry Stevens gathered more than 860 supporters in an online petition to save the view. They would like to see Bell put their new cell tower north of highway 103.

It's not done until it's done.- Barry Stevens

“I mean they're reviewing the different things that they can do,” Barry Stevens says. “But they could still put a tower behind the churches. I'm looking forward to seeing it being moved. It's not done until it's done.”

Sean Blinn is amateur photographer visiting Mahone Bay from Bedminster, New Jersey.

“That was one of the most, you know, seemingly archetypal, photogenic, beautiful sites in the entire area,” he says. “The churches are absolutely beautiful. Having a cell tower in the background would probably just destroy the scenic vista.”

Mayor Joe Feeney is relieved the view is safe for now.

“If you see those three churches, you're going to know where they are even if you've never been here.”

It's possible Bell could come back with another plan for a cell tower, but for now, residents can still enjoy the view.