The woman who accuses prominent Halifax defence lawyer Lyle Howe of drugging and raping her spent another day on the stand, and her cross-examination by the defence will continue Friday.

Howe has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and administering a noxious substance. The charges were laid after an alleged incident on March 21, 2011, involving a 19-year-old woman.

Defence lawyer Mike Taylor questioned the woman on her memory from that night, particularly on how she watched her drinks when she was with Howe and another man at a bar, and later at Howe's office.

She said she was uncomfortable when Howe told her she was attractive at the bar.

The woman, whose identity is banned from publication, testified she doesn’t remember discussing plans to return to her apartment that night, and that she wasn’t in the habit of bringing home random men.

Taylor noted some discrepancies between what the woman remembers at trial and what she said at a previous preliminary inquiry.

The woman replied that she's spent most of the last three years trying to forget what happened.

The alleged victim has testified she awoke the morning after the night out naked and disoriented, with little memory of what had happened the night before. She said she didn't remember having sex but said she felt sore and there were condoms scattered around her apartment.

The complainant went to the hospital later that morning to be tested for sexual assault.

She said she didn't know Howe but agreed to go out with him and his friend. She said she Googled him and felt secure knowing he was a lawyer.