The disciplinary hearing for Lyle Howe sat for a third consecutive day Wednesday, with the Halifax defence lawyer continuing his cross-examination of the person who led the investigation against him.

The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society accuses Howe of professional incompetence and professional misconduct; seven counts in all. If found guilty, Howe could be disbarred.

Victoria Rees, the society's director of professional responsibility, spent the morning on the stand. Howe questioned Rees about how his practice has improved since the society first started looking into his activities.

The society assigned a senior lawyer to monitor Howe's practice. Howe told his inquiry, and Rees agreed, that the monitor has found no serious issues with his practice lately.

Howe has accused Rees of being biased against him and said the investigation was tainted. Rees has denied the allegation.

Rees was the first witness called when the hearing opened before Christmas. She's been on the stand, off and on, for more than three days.

The hearing is scheduled to sit Thursday and resume the first four days of next week. Additional dates have been set aside in February, if necessary.

The CBC's Blair Rhodes live blogged from court.