Luxury cars stack up in Eastern Passage port

Bad weather has 1,000 luxury cars stacked up at the CN Autoport in Eastern Passage, N.S.

Long winter leaves car facility scrambling to park new vehicles

Cars wrapped for protection wait behind a fence in Eastern Passage. (CBC)

Bad weather has stacked up 1,000 luxury cars at the CNAutoport in Eastern Passage, N.S.

CN says the pileup is a result of preparation for the annual spring surge in vehicle sales, growing popularity of the Autoport, and recent delays caused by severe winter storms.

There are so many cars that impromptu parking lots are popping up in unusual locations such as the Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club.

CBC estimates the 300 cars parked at the golf club are worth $15 million.

“I've seen the lots pretty full, but I've never seen them beyond the borders. That's a first for me for sure,” says Mac Mackay, a longtime ship watcher and marine blogger in Halifax.

More cars coming

The cars arrive at the CNAutoport by the thousands. They are shipped from factories in Europe and sent across the country by truck and rail.

“Today another ship comes in. And there's another one due tomorrow, or the next day. I don't know where they're going to put them all. They can't stack them. They're going to have to spread out somewhere,” says Mackay.

Mackay says having so many fancy cars outside of the secure facility presents a security challenge, but the cargo is under 24-hour guard.

A CN spokesperson says the 1,000 or so extra vehicles should be cleared out in about three weeks.