A 75-year-old Lunenburg man has been arrested after police uncovered a marijuana grow operation concealed underneath a small building. 

On Thursday, RCMP and Bridgewater police officers searched a rural, isolated home on Northwest Road in Blockhouse. More than 200 marijuana plants in various stages of growth were seized.

A suspect was arrested at the scene, and will face charges of marijuana production, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and theft of electrical power. 

"There was a building, I guess you could describe as a shed or a garage or maybe small cabin, lying on top of a concealed, open basement underneath," said Staff Sgt. Jean-Guy Richard of the Lunenburg RCMP. 

Richard said the operation was large, with a "sophisticated" power system supplied for the plants. 

Though police are investigating, Richard said it is unlikely the man was growing for personal use due to the size of the operation.