The town of Lunenburg, perhaps best known for its historic shipbuilding past, is leading the way on energy consumption in Nova Scotia with its new smart meter project.

Judy Rawdon and her husband Jonathan are re-opening the Boscawen Inn this weekend. The couple has been sprucing up the 125-year-old, 15-bedroom building since they bought it late last year, and like other Nova Scotians they're watching their power bill.

"It’s pretty high," she said

To combat the rising costs the couple is part of a project underway that installs smart meters. Other business and homes have also volunteered for no charge.


The meters monitor power usage in real time. (CBC)


"They'll be able to compare one day to another. One month to another and see it in real time, every 15 minutes or so what their energy usage happens to be," said Doug Hodges with the Lunenburg Board of Trade.

Those participating in the project won't get lower power rates, but the trade board said they might be able to lower their power bills by watching and learning how they use electricity.

Lunenburg was able to adopt the project because the town runs its own electrical utility.

"I hope that it makes us aware of what changes we can make and I hope that it will bring our power bill down," said Rawdon.

To use the smart meters, the town had to install a wireless network. As a bonus, that will allow visitors to use their phones to scan codes on buildings and learn about the town's history