A duck named Lucky will get a custom prosthetic bill after a raccoon attack earlier this year left her disfigured.

The attack occurred last July near Sydney, N.S., when Lucky was just a duckling. A raccoon snuck into the coop where Lucky was held and attacked.

The raccoon left Lucky and two chicks seriously injured.

"The babies were about a month old," said Angela Penny, a hobby farmer in Coxheath, near Sydney, who rescues ducks. "It was devastating. We had hoped to have 30-some egg layers for the fall,. They should have been getting ready to lay by now, but we lost them all. It was heartbreaking."


Lucky the duck needs the new bill to prevent her tongue from freezing this winter. (CBC)

Penny said Lucky stayed with them in the house for several weeks while she recovered.

"She had a nasty slash across her beak, she had some puncture wounds in her head and one in between her eye," said Penny.

Though most of Lucky's injuries healed quickly, the attack left her without a large part of her bill. Now, her tongue is at risk of frostbite when the temperature drops.

Penny said they've found a dentist in Cape Breton who is offering a solution.

"He's getting in contact with some wildlife rehab specialists, and we're going see if we can get Lucky a prosthetic bill for the winter," she said.

While the operation could be expensive, the dentist has already said he'll cover the cost of Lucky's new bill.