A former Nova Scotia volleyball coach is being released from prison after serving most of a four-year sentence for sexually assaulting one of his underage players.

Joseph Emile "Luc" Potvin pleaded guilty in September, 2011 to charges of sexual exploitation, sexual assault, luring a child and producing child pornography. All of the charges involved a 17-year-old girl Potvin was coaching in Dartmouth.

At his sentencing hearing, Potvin admitted to cultivating the girl over several months, including having sexually explicit webcam chats with her on the internet and taking nude images of her when she was sleeping. He also sexually assaulted the girl in his car at various locations around Halifax.

Potvin was caught when the girl's father became suspicious of his daughter's activities and used the GPS feature on her cell phone to discover she was no where near where she had claimed to be.  

Her father then recovered compromising text messages and Facebook posts she had exchanged with Potvin from their computer system, and handed all the material over to police.

At Potvin's sentencing, the girl gave a victim impact statement in which she said his assault on her destroyed her confidence, caused depression and brought on an eating disorder.

Because he is still assessed as a moderate risk to reoffend, Potvin's release later this month comes with conditions

He must stay away from his victim and her family. He must stay away from all girls under the age of 18, unless he's accompanied by an adult who knows his criminal history and he gets prior written permission from his parole officer.

Potvin must report all intimate relationships to his parole officer. He also has to report any relationship with an adult who's the parent of girls under the age of 18.

Potvin's not allowed to access pornography of any type. He's also forbidden to own a computer or any device that would allow him unsupervised access to the internet.

Potvin's convictions in 2011 were not his first crimes of this nature.

In 1999, Potvin was convicted of a sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl. He received three years probation for that offence.  

He later obtained a pardon on his 1999 conviction, and that file was sealed until his conviction on these charges.