louisbourg resort

After seven years of construction, only about 10 of the planned 400 high-end homes, spa and golf course have been constructed at the Louisbourg Resort Golf & Spa. (CBC)

Police in Cape Breton are investigating after some thieves — apparently using heavy garbage collection day as a cover — stole some large items from a failed resort near Louisbourg.

The large gate and chain blocking access to the Louisbourg Resort Golf and Spa did not stop thieves from going on the property sometime between May 2 and May 5, said Cape Breton Regional Police.

Forestry workers called police after noticing the chain was cut and several houses in the area had been broken into.

Police said the thieves came equipped for a big haul with a large dual-tire truck. They did not say how many items were taken but said it included refrigerators, stoves and televisions.

"We're still trying to determine exactly what's been taken. There are a lot of different ownership issues involved with those properties," said Desiree Vassallo, a spokeswoman for the Cape Breton Regional Police.

"Most of the homes were empty but some contained furniture and appliances, so those have been the items that have been taken. We're just trying to determine exactly what was taken from which properties."

Vassallo said the theft may have been timed to coincide with heavy garbage collection day in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, when a truck loaded with used appliances may be a common sight.

"Even if somebody did see someone driving around with these items it may not have been seemed that out of the ordinary," she said.

It's the latest blow for a project that has faced lawsuits, economic challenges and has been stalled for years.

After seven years of construction at the Louisbourg Resort Golf and Spa, only about 10 of the planned 400 high-end homes, spa and golf course have been constructed.

Gary Corsano, the lawyer for the owners of the resort, said the project could still happen.

"It remains active and the proponents, the principals of the project — the company — remain committed to the Louisbourg project. So they continue to work on that and they are working on financing to ensure the future of the project," he said Tuesday.

Cape Breton Regional Police say the thieves made several trips to the resort to remove the stolen items. They are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious on the weekend of May 3 to call Crime Stoppers.