Blake Legette, a suspect in the disappearance of Loretta Saunders, has been brought back to Halifax and is being questioned by police.

Legette is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

According to Saunders' boyfriend, Yalcin Surkultay, the Labrador woman and Saint Mary's University student went missing after trying to collect rent money from her new roommates, Leggette and Victoria Henneberry, 28.

The pair had moved in with Saunders a month earlier after connecting through Kijiji, but apparently had not yet paid rent.

Last week, Saunders' car was found in Harrow, Ont., south of Windsor.

loretta saunders

Loretta Saunders, 26, has not been seen since Feb. 13. (Halifax Regional Police)

Police in Ontario have charged Leggette and Henneberry with possession of stolen goods and fraud.

Police told CBC News a fraud charge against Legette is connected to the use of Saunders' bank card.

Henneberry remains in Ontario as Halifax police continue their attempts to transfer her back to Halifax for questioning.

“We’re still trying to make arrangements with the Ontario court to have investigators to travel to Ontario to bring her back,” said Const. Pierre Bourdages.

“Under the Criminal Code we have asked for a six-day remand for the purpose of bringing the accused back to Halifax to answer to the charge currently in front of the court, which in this case [is] the theft of a motor vehicle charges. So [she] is going to be brought back before Thursday and will appear in court before Thursday.”

At this time no additional charges are anticipated, said Bourdages.

He added there's been no shortage of help from the public.

"We've received a tremendous amount of tips both locally and from away in relation to the disapperance of Miss. Saunders. We are currently reviewing these tips and going through that and it's all under investigation."