An underwater webcam in a lobster trap in Halifax harbour has been streaming live for the past two weeks, and internet users around the world are taking the bait.

Ralf Pickart wondered what it would be like to be a lobster, so he set up a lobster trap and attached a webcam.

"People see a perspective they never experienced before and they are not able to experience," Pickart said Thursday. "Nobody is diving for a lobster trap and watching it for several hours."


A lobster webcam is attracting thousands of viewers to watch lobsters caught in a trap in Halifax harbour. ((Nova Scotia webcams))

The webcam is one of 43 across Nova Scotia on Pickart's website, and the lobster cam is by far the most popular.

"I expected that people would like it, it was one of our expectations, but I never expected 14,000 hits just on the first day," Pickart said.

He won't disclose the exact location of the lobster trap, just that it's somewhere in Halifax harbour.

The lobsters won't end up on anybody's plate — they are for entertainment purposes only. Pikart only has an educational licence to catch the lobsters, and must release them.

"We are planning to empty the trap once a week, depending on how crowded it gets," he said.

Along with lobsters living in the trap, there are a few other sea creatures like starfish and sea urchins. Sometimes fish make their way in, too.

For lobster lovers who see the crustaceans as a delicacy, the webcam is good way to whet an appetite.

"I'll be thinking about how delicious they are. That's all I'll be thinking about," Rob Davidson said. "The flavour, the texture."