Fishermen worry that the price of lobster will be too low. (CBC)

Lobster fishermen in southwest Nova Scotia want to shorten their season by two months in an attempt to drive up prices for their catch.

The season begins next week, but fishermen want to take January and February off. They say that would reduce the glut of lobster on the market and hopefully drive up prices.

"It may cost me a few bucks at that time of year, but on the other side of the coin I think it will increase the value in the spring," said fisherman Ashton Spinney, chair of the local lobster management board.

Fishermen fear lobster prices will hover around $3.50 a pound or dip to $3 — about $2 less than they want.

Spinney said most fishermen won't sell their catch for $3 a pound.

"I hate seeing that because when they're selling below what it costs them to bring it in, that's not good. That's a detriment to our industry," he said.

Fishermen in LFA 34 endorsed the idea of a two-month break 371-304. The votes were tallied Monday night by representatives from ports in the area. More than 200 licence holders didn't vote. 

It's now up to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to decide if the break will proceed.

"We want them to think about it. It's for the betterment of everybody," Spinney said.