More than four years after being convicted for a brutal sexual assault, Lloyd Eugene Bailey — who is in a wheelchair — has been declared a dangerous offender. 

Justice Glen McDougall made the declaration Friday. He also handed Bailey an indeterminate sentence.

The judge said Bailey is not a candidate for long-term supervision because his risk cannot be managed in the community.

In addition, Bailey must give a DNA sample. He also faces a weapons ban and must have his name placed on the national sex offender registry. 

Bailey was convicted in 2010 on nine charges relating to the 2008 sex assault on a young woman. 

In that time, Bailey has gone through three lawyers. He now represents himself.

The victim in the case, whom CBC will not identify, said it feels "amazing" to finally have a sentence. 

"It feels really good that justice has been served and I don't have to think about it any more,” she said. 

She said she has nothing to say to her attacker. 

“I’m a much stronger person than I was," she said.

During Friday's sentencing hearing, Justice McDougall blamed Bailey for almost all of the court delays in this case. 

"It has taken a considerable amount of time to arrive at this juncture," Justice McDougall said.

Long history of violence

Bailey's pattern of violence started long before he had a debilitating car accident.

"He can offend while he is in a wheelchair," said Crown attorney Paul Carver in December 2012. "Sexual assault causing bodily harm is among the most serious offences in the code, so the Crown would obviously consider him to be one of the greatest risks to the public"

Eleven years ago, a prosecutor made the case for Bailey to be declared a dangerous offender after he molested a 12-year-old girl. A judge rejected the argument.

Bailey re-offended nine months after being released from prison.

"To say whether it was an error at that particular time or not, is not something I can comment on," said Carver. "Obviously, given that he went on to commit a further offence years later, shows that he continues to be a risk."