A funeral home in Liverpool, N.S., wants to expand its business by opening a crematorium in the town, but some local residents object to the plan.

Chandlers Funeral Service Ltd. had received all the necessary approvals to go ahead. But the project stalled after some misfiled paperwork was discovered that said the land can only be used as a parking lot.

The region’s planning advisory committee will meet this week to decide if the crematorium should be allowed to proceed.

The location is adjacent to several residences, and one of the homeowners says he doesn’t want a crematorium next door.

"I don't really feel negatively as far as what they’re doing," Rick Henneberry said. "But if I want to sell my house in a year, what’s it going to be worth."

Mark Slaunwhite lives in apartment that borders the lot where the crematorium is set to be built.

"It will smell weird and just the whole fact that it’s too close to (a) residential area," he said.

The funeral home has been planning for the facility for five years and says the next closest crematorium is half an hour away in Bridgewater.

"With the cremation just rate going up over the number of years, we just felt under the circumstances it was a natural progression for the business to simply expand," said Kevin Samuels, the general manager of the funeral home.

And there others in Liverpool who see little problem with the crematorium. Liverpool resident and businessman Joel Zwicker says education will allay the concerns people have.

He said crematoriums are located in other towns and cities without issue.

"Anytime a small community can provide a new service, see a local business grow and improve themselves, I think it's a positive thing," he said.