A couple's wedding day in Halifax was interrupted by a burning limo, but saved by a police escort Saturday afternoon.

The wedding party was in the Public Gardens getting pictures taken at around 2 p.m. when their limo burst into flames, according to Halifax Fire and Emergency.

"When they came out, they were pretty upset," said Staff Sgt. Bill Morris with the Halifax Regional Police.

"But then, you know, they got thinking, nobody was hurt, the wedding went off. It's all good. It will make for some good stories in the years to come and probably tonight at the reception."

Halifax wedding limo catches fire1:20

Unfortunately, the wedding party had no way to get to the reception, so police used two squad cars to get the group to the venue.

"It wasn't that far out of our way. It just helped to make a bad thing get a little better," said Morris.

The fire did destroy the couple's marriage certificate but Morris pointed out "that's only paper" and they can get a new one.

Halifax wedding limo fire

With their ride out of commission, the wedding party hitched a ride from Halifax Regional Police. (Paul Vienneau)

When firefighters arrived on scene, the limo was already fully engulfed.

"Everything is burnt, everything is toast," said Capt. Darren Jones with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency.

"It had such intense heat, the whole thing was involved, there's nothing really left to investigate."

Jones said because the damage is so severe, it will be very hard to determine how the fire started.

No one was injured.

Halifax wedding limo fire

Firefighters say given the extensive damage, it's hard to determine what caused the fire. (Paul Vienneau)