The construction of a wireless tower near the Chebucto Head lighthouse has triggered new calls for repairs to the pothole-riddled road leading up to it.

Michael Dunbar drives the Chebucto Head Road every day.

"It's basically impassable. It's down to a single lane," he told CBC News on Monday.

For decades, the road has led sightseers to the lighthouse and some of the best views in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

People have been complaining about the state of the road for years. But they say now it's getting worse because of EastLink's new tower.

Perry Smith said the road is taking a beating from the big trucks that are going back and forth to the construction site.

"If they're going to be using this continuously to get up to that tower, why shouldn't they be liable to fix the road up?" Smith said.

The 60-metre tower is being built next to the lighthouse on land owned by the federal government. The work should be done later this month.

In an email to CBC, EastLink said it's following all of the rules and regulations regarding wireless sites.

"EastLink is replacing DFO's current structure with a new one, on which DFO will place its wireless equipment and we will place ours. Residents, businesses and public safety groups in the area will benefit from the enhanced service," the company said.

Dunbar said the road is in such bad condition that people are worried that fire trucks and ambulances won't be able to get through.

He wants the road fixed now.

"It seems nobody listens. We've been documenting this for 12 years, discussing it with multiple agencies … the minister of fisheries, the mayor, the Premier's Office, all saying they'd like to help us but they can't because it's somebody else's problem."