N.S. Premier Darrell Dexter flew to China in the fall for trade talks (CBC)


Nova Scotia Liberals are calling on Premier Darrell Dexter to reimburse taxpayers for flying first class on trade missions twice during the past year.

Each flight cost more than $7,000, well above what it would have cost to fly coach.

The Liberals claim neither of the two other Maritime premiers flew first class on a fall trip to China

P.E.I. has confirmed that Robert Ghiz flew economy class.

Liberal MLA Andrew Younger raised the question in the House Wednesday.


MLA Andrew Younger blasted the premier in the house Wednesday.


"Will the premier confirm that during this time of austerity, during a time of belt-tightening, during a time of cuts to education and health care that he flew first class to China on the taxpayer's dime?" said Younger.

Dexter defended his travel expenses.

"It's just such a shame when you see somebody reduced to these kinds of questions. The simple fact of the matter is of course we travel so that we're able to get up, go to work, are able in fact to do the work that the people of Nova Scotia and in this case, the people of Canada, expect from us. Yes that's right!"

While the NDP was in opposition, it criticized past governments for big travel bills.