Nova Scotia Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil unveiled his party’s election campaign plans in Halifax on Saturday.

"I believe our province has untapped potential and a future that's been put on hold for far too long," said McNeil.

"To reach that potential and prosperity, our province needs a government that respects and trusts Nova Scotians and wants to work hand in hand with them as a partner."

McNeil, like PC Leader Jamie Baillie during his campaign announcement, criticized the NDP’s performance over the past four years.

"Unfortunately the NDP is out of touch from realities of life in our province. They have chosen corporate interests over the interests of Nova Scotians. As a result the day-to-day concerns have been neglected," he said.

During his speech, McNeil said that it’s time for change and that the Liberal party is ready to make those changes.

"It's time for dedicated, innovative, smart investments in our province, our children and in each other. Our plan is based on a simple premise: My government will place the interests of Nova Scotians first as an absolute guiding principle for all decision-making," he said.

McNeil’s announcement came at the same time as NDP Leader Darrell Dexter’s election call from Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton.