One of Nova Scotia's newest millionaires stood grinning as he received a ridiculously large cheque for $13,805,045 on Thursday.

Leon Hirtle, 77, won the Atlantic Lottery Corporation's $13.8-million jackpot on Oct. 1 after buying the winning ticket in Bridgewater.

The Bell Island man had his cheque presented at the Bridgewater Curling Club on Thursday morning.

"When I saw the cheque, I just stared. I just stared and looked, couldn't believe it. It's a shock to your system," said Eric Hirtle, Leon's brother.

Leon Hirtle worked as a fisherman for 60 years and retired two years ago. He's a bachelor and has said he has no plans to change his lifestyle — instead, he'll share the wealth with his tight-knit family.

Leon Hirtle

Nova Scotia's newest mutlimillionaire said he'll keep buying lottery tickets. (Stephanie VanKampen/CBC)

"He's calm and casual. Same as always," said Trudy Corkum, his niece.

"He's nice, he's kind, he would do anything for you. Worked all of his life, looked after the house and everybody so he deserves it."

Hirtle's family said the phone has been ringing off the hook and they've been contacted by strangers asking for a portion of the $13.8-million pie. They said they won't be touching the money until the chaos blows over.

While one member of the Hirtle clan suggested they should go on a cruise, Corkum said her uncle isn't the cruising type.

"You can try but I doubt he'll go anywhere," she said, laughing.