Legislation would allow U-Brew businesses in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia U-Vint and U-Brew businesses would be able to make wine and beer inside stores under legislation introduced today.

Finance Minister Diana Whalen says ammendments would allow in-store fermentation for wine and beer

Nova Scotia U-Vint and U-Brew businesses would be able to make wine and beer inside stores under legislation introduced today.

Finance Minister Diana Whalen, who is responsible for the Liquor Control Act, says the amendments would allow licensing for fermentation on store premises.

Whalen says the amendments would also repeal a section of the act that allowed Nova Scotia Liquor to seek injunctions against in-store brewing.

The issue of stores making wine and beer on-site flared up a year ago, when the province's Crown-owned liquor agency sought a court order to prevent the owners of Wine Kitz Halifax and Water 'n' Wine in New Glasgow from producing wine and beer in their shops.

The previous NDP government later ordered Nova Scotia Liquor to drop the case in the face of a growing public backlash.

Whalen said the government is drafting regulations that will be brought forward next month for review and feedback by the industry.