A Halifax lawyer has made it his personal mission to educate people about the dangers of vehicle blind spots.

John McKiggan has started a Canadian branch of the U.S. organization KidsAndCars. The group has been shedding light on so-called "backover accidents."

"It's a huge problem, but it's a problem that most Canadians don't know exists," said McKiggan.

Just last week, a father backed over his eight-year-old son in a parking lot near the Ontario Science Centre, killing the boy.

"What we do know is that there are hundreds of children every year injured or killed as a result of backovers, but no one is accurately tracking that information," McKiggan said.

"So that's one of the things that our organization hopes to do."

In the U.S., KidsAndCars successfully lobbied to have backup cameras in every car, starting in 2014.  

The organization also raises awareness about other car-related injuries, including children being kept in hot cars and strangulations by power windows.

KidsAndCars Canada is looking for volunteers and starting to collect data.