Halifax regional council is bringing back the late-night ferry service it cancelled in August.

The city cut the last routes between Halifax and Dartmouth on week nights because it was too expensive and underused. But Tuesday night the council reversed that decision on Tuesday.

Metro Transit says the service will be back in time for the summer schedule.

The cost, estimated to be around $300,000 a year, will be covered by "efficiencies," the city said.

Sidewalk snow removal expanding to peninsula

Halifax council also voted to expand sidewalk snow clearance in a last-minute change to the city budget Tuesday.

Currently, 12 of the 16 districts have sidewalks cleared by the city and pay for it through area rates. Only the peninsula and Spryfield areas don’t have the service.

In those areas, residents are expected to clear their own sidewalks within 12 hours of a storm or face a ticket.

The change could lead to a tax increase of $4 a year for those who already have the service and $35 a year for those who don't.

City crews will have up to 18 hours to clear all sidewalks.