RCMP are investigating after a number of vehicles were broken into, and vehicles reported stolen, most on the same street in the community of Lantz overnight.

Residents on Acorn Lane woke up Friday morning to find five vehicles on their street had been broken into. A stolen car was found in a ditch at one home and has since been towed away.

RCMP say there were similar thefts in other communities. They confirm 10 vehicles were broken into in Elmsdale, Belnan and Lantz. Two cars were also stolen.

Sgt. Al LeBlanc says the common thread is that this was a crime of opportunity. He says this was preventable because all of the cars involved were unlocked. 

LeBlanc says there have been no arrests and the investigation continues.

Residents on Acorn Lane say they didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary on the street last night. They say there are many dogs in the neighbourhood but none were barking.