The LaHave River ferry could be stuck at a South Shore beach for some time after it broke free from its cable Friday night and drifted about three kilometres toward the sea before running aground.

The manager for marine services for the province says there were three people on board: the captain, a crew member, and one passenger. They were rescued by zodiac.

An anchor was dropped when the ferry began to drift, but it wouldn’t grab the bottom. The ferry ran aground at Oxners Beach and has now been tied to a bulldozer that was brought to the shore.

Getting it out of there hinges on the weather.

"There is a lot of ice back up where we need to bring the ferry back to the slip and what we need is a change of conditions where that ice can move out or move further up river," said John Majchrowicz , the manager of marine services.

He said the ferry broke free after ice, wind and the tide put sideways pressure on the vessel. The vessel couldn’t move forward, he said, and that pulled the cable off the spool.

The ferry became detached, Majchrowicz said, and began floating down the river. There were no injuries.

Canadian Coast Guard

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre says it got the mayday call at around 9 p.m.

A Cormorant helicopter was dispatched, but it turned away once the ferry hit bottom and Canadian Coast Guard vessels were on scene.

Cheryl Junkin, who lives in the area, said the ferry washed up at Oxners Beach.

"It looks like a ferry totally grounded," she said Saturday morning. "What I see is the full side of the ferry, which looks like it’s completely beached."

She said she can see a minivan and a pickup truck on board.