A Nova Scotia man has penned a song touting the benefits of an online classified advertisement site, as a solution to avoiding holiday spending sprees.

Keith Mullins, a musician and organic farmer in Coldstream, wrote a song about Kijiji and put it online.

"It's a Kijiji Christmas," he sings.

"A whole lot more for a whole lot less. We get to go crazy without craziness. This year is a Kijiji Christmas."

Mullins said Kijiji Canada got wind of the song and contacted him last week about making the song available for a free download.

"They could give me some free advertising. They could license it," he said, laughing.

Mullins believes buying and selling items on Kijiji is an environmentally friendly way to recycle and reuse.

"My kids get more than all of their friends. We ain't got to overspend," he sings.

"I bought my boy a train from my neighbour Jack and when he gets bored, I'm getting my money back on the Kijiji."