Winter weather has delayed major repairs to a century-old Cape Breton lighthouse.

The main Kidston Island lighthouse is getting electricity, new shingles and paint. But the weather is preventing access.

Eddie Keeling is chairman of the Village of Baddeck Commission. He said they started work in the fall, but ran into problems getting the workers to the island.

“The harbour froze and there is not enough ice to snowmobile over and there is too much ice for a small boat, so we are at a standstill right now,” he said.

Crews have already repaired the smaller, cone-shaped fibreglass lighthouse. Keeling expects the main lighthouse will be fixed by spring.

“They say it’s the second-[most] photographed lighthouse in Nova Scotia and it’s very important to bring back to life something that was on the verge of being destroyed,” Keeling said. “We are trying to bring it back to its original glory.”

A lighthouse has been perched on the northeastern tip of Kidston Island for 130 years. The grounds of the lighthouse are open to the public, so it's promoted as a picnic area.

The federal government divested the lighthouse in 2005 and the village took over its maintenance.