A town in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley is getting extra attention this week as it climbs the ranks of CAA Atlantic's worst roads list.

The dubious distinction is awarded to 10 roadways in Atlantic Canada every year. The roads are chosen by the public — voting this year is open until Friday.

This year's campaign is now in its fifth week and sitting in the middle of the pack is Kentville's Park Street — a stretch of road off Main Street.

"It is terrible!" said retiree Ken Bigelow, who has lived in the town for 11 years.

He said the road, which is covered in potholes large and small, has never been so bad in the time he has lived there.

"We've seen a few camels stick their heads out of the holes, that's how deep they are!" said Bigelow.

He said construction on Highway 101 meant trucks used the town's roads as a detour. That, coupled with a long winter, left the roads in bad shape.

Scott O'Handley, the service adviser at Kentville Chrysler, said his business is seeing one or two bent or broken wheels every week.

"I'm basically just watching the road to try and avoid the potholes because that's the last thing I want to have happen, is to bend up a wheel as well," he said.

Fred Whynot, the director of engineering and public works for the town of Kentville, said help is on the way.

The town put out a tender to fix the potholes and the company that won the bid is expected to repair the road by May 16.

The other Nova Scotia locations in contention to be named the worst road in Atlantic Canada include Gillis Point East Road in Washabuck Centre, Marble Mountain Road in River Denys and Aylesford Road in Aylesford.