Kentville man arrested days after escaping police custody

A Kentville man has been arrested after escaping from police custody.

Kyle Fredericks,22, is charged with criminal negligence causing death

A Kentville man has been arrested after escaping from police custody July 29.

Kyle Fredericks, 22, was located late Friday night by police in a Berwick apartment after they received an anonymous tip.

On Sunday, Fredericks was arrested for breaching his bail conditions, and then escaped from police custody a few minutes later.

In March, Fredericks was charged with trafficking and criminal negligence causing death in relation to the death of Joshua Graves.

Graves died on March 19, 2011 after taking a lethal combination of Dilaudid and alcohol at a party.

Fredericks was charged after Graves' sister Amy mounted a public campaign urging police to reopen the investigation into her brother's death.

Fredericks is scheduled to be back in court Saturday for a remand hearing.